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Is it a coincidence?

Over these past few days- no, weeks- I’ve been more conscience of all living things. The moonflower in my room is growing at an unbelievable rate but there was something that would bug me. Those little annoying gnats that pop up everywhere decided to make their home there. Now I would have normally tried to kill every single one of those things in one sitting but now I just leave them alone. They stay in the corner where my flowers are and don’t really bother me. I even open up the window to let them fly out every now and again.

I have a very soft and kind heart towards animals because unlike humans, they sometimes don’t choose to be in the situation they’re in. I have so far saved 6 kittens before a huge storm and then heatwave, a mama duck and 3 ducklings cross a busy street and find their way back to the river near my house, and a bat that was caught in the bushes during daytime (I used a couple of sticks to get it unstuck, not my hands). I even helped a moth that was stuck upside-down on the ground outside of my school.

Now I have noticed that ever since I started getting serious about my studies, these things have been happening. I am studying Spiritualism. Is it a coincidence? I don’t really think so…

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  1. waatermark answered: There are no coincidences! An enormous chain of events is brought about by even the smallest of choices!
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